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Active Theaters161 Found
 Cineplex Odeon - Crowfoot Crossing Cinemas  Calgary, ABE-Ticketing 
 Cineplex Odeon - Eau Claire Market  Calgary, ABE-Ticketing 
 Cineplex Odeon - Sunridge Spectrum Cinemas  Calgary, ABE-Ticketing 
 Cineplex Odeon Westhills Cinemas  Calgary, ABE-Ticketing 
 Scotiabank Theatre Chinook  Calgary, ABE-Ticketing 
 Cinema City Movies 12  Edmonton, AB  
 Cineplex Cinemas Manning Town Centre  Edmonton, ABE-Ticketing 
 Cineplex Odeon - North Edmonton Cinemas  Edmonton, ABE-Ticketing 
 Cineplex Odeon - South Edmonton Commons Cinemas  Edmonton, ABE-Ticketing 
 Cineplex Odeon Windermere Cinemas  Edmonton, ABE-Ticketing 
 Scotiabank Theatre West Edmonton Mall  Edmonton, ABE-Ticketing 
 Cineplex Odeon - Grande Prairie Cinemas  Grande Prairie, ABE-Ticketing 
 Galaxy Cinemas @ Lethbridge  Lethbridge, ABE-Ticketing 
 Galaxy Cinemas @ Medicine Hat  Medicine Hat, ABE-Ticketing 
 Galaxy Cinemas Red Deer  Red Deer, ABE-Ticketing 
 SilverCity CrossIron Mills & XSCAPE  Rocky View, ABE-Ticketing 
 Galaxy Cinemas @ Sherwood Park Mall  Sherwood Park, ABE-Ticketing 
 Cineplex Odeon Abbotsford & VIP Cinemas  Abbotsford, BCE-Ticketing 
 Famous Players SilverCity - Metropolis  Burnaby, BCE-Ticketing 
 Galaxy Cinemas Chilliwack  Chilliwack, BCE-Ticketing 
 Famous Players SilverCity - Coquitlam  Coquitlam, BCE-Ticketing 
 Cineplex Odeon - Aberdeen Mall Cinemas  Kamloops, BCE-Ticketing 
 Famous Players Orchard Plaza 5  Kelowna, BCE-Ticketing 
 Cineplex Odeon Westshore Cinemas  Langford, BCE-Ticketing 
 Cineplex Entertainment Colossus - Langley  Langley, BCE-Ticketing 
 Famous Players SilverCity - Mission  Mission, BCE-Ticketing 
 Galaxy Cinemas @ Rutherford Mall  Nanaimo, BCE-Ticketing 
 Cineplex Odeon - Park & Tilford Cinemas  North Vancouver, BCE-Ticketing 
 Cineplex Odeon Meadowtown Centre  Pitt Meadows, BCE-Ticketing 
 Famous Players 6 - Prince George  Prince George, BCE-Ticketing 
 Famous Players Prince Rupert Cinemas  Prince Rupert, BCE-Ticketing 
 Cineplex Entertainment SilverCity - Riverport  Richmond, BCE-Ticketing 
 Cineplex Odeon - Strawberry Hill Cinemas  Surrey, BCE-Ticketing 
 Cineplex Cinemas Marine Gateway and VIP  Vancouver, BC  
 Cineplex Odeon - International Village Cinemas  Vancouver, BCE-Ticketing 
 Fifth Avenue Cinemas  Vancouver, BCE-Ticketing 
 Park Theatre  Vancouver, BCE-Ticketing 
 Scotiabank Theatre Vancouver  Vancouver, BCE-Ticketing 
 Famous Players 7 - Vernon  Vernon, BCE-Ticketing 
 Cineplex Odeon - Victoria Cinemas  Victoria, BCE-Ticketing 
 Famous Players SilverCity - Tillicum  Victoria, BCE-Ticketing 
 Cinema City McGillivray  Winnipeg, MBE-Ticketing 
 Cineplex Entertainment Kildonan Place  Winnipeg, MBE-Ticketing 
 Cineplex Entertainment SilverCity - Polo Park  Winnipeg, MBE-Ticketing 
 Cineplex Entertainment SilverCity - St. Vital  Winnipeg, MBE-Ticketing 
 Cineplex Cinemas Dieppe  Dieppe, NBE-Ticketing 
 Cineplex Cinemas Fredericton  Fredericton, NBE-Ticketing 
 Cineplex Cinemas Miramichi   Miramichi City, NBE-Ticketing 
 Cineplex Cinemas Trinity Drive  Moncton, NBE-Ticketing 
 Cineplex Cinemas Saint John  Saint John, NBE-Ticketing 
 Cineplex Cinemas Millbrook  Corner Brook, NLE-Ticketing 
 Cineplex Cinemas Mount Pearl  Mount Pearl, NLE-Ticketing 
 Scotiabank Theatre St. John's  St. John's, NLE-Ticketing 
 Cineplex Cinemas Amherst  Amherst, NSE-Ticketing 
 Cineplex Cinemas Antigonish  Antigonish, NSE-Ticketing 
 Cineplex Cinemas Bridgewater  Bridgewater, NSE-Ticketing 
 Cineplex Cinemas Dartmouth Crossing  Dartmouth, NSE-Ticketing 
 Cineplex Cinemas Oxford  Halifax, NSE-Ticketing 
 Cineplex Cinemas Park Lane  Halifax, NSE-Ticketing 
 Scotiabank Theatre Halifax  Halifax, NSE-Ticketing 
 Cineplex Cinemas Lower Sackville  Lower Sackville, NSE-Ticketing 
 Cineplex Cinemas Truro  Millbrook, NSE-Ticketing 
 Cineplex Cinemas New Glasgow  New Glasgow, NSE-Ticketing 
 Cineplex Cinemas New Minas  New Minas, NS  
 Cineplex Cinemas Sydney  Sydney, NSE-Ticketing 
 Cineplex Cinemas Yarmouth  Yarmouth, NSE-Ticketing 
 Cineplex Odeon - Ajax Cinemas  Ajax, ONE-Ticketing 
 Famous Players SilverCity - Ancaster  Ancaster, ONE-Ticketing 
 Cineplex Odeon - Aurora Cinemas  Aurora, ONE-Ticketing 
 Cineplex Odeon - Barrhaven Cinemas  Barrhaven, ONE-Ticketing 
 Bayfield Cinemas  Barrie, ONE-Ticketing 
 Cineplex Cinemas North Barrie  Barrie, ONE-Ticketing 
 Galaxy Cinemas @ Barrie  Barrie, ONE-Ticketing 
 Famous Players 8 - Belleville  Belleville, ONE-Ticketing 
 Cineplex Odeon - Clarington Place  Bowmanville, ONE-Ticketing 
 Cineplex Odeon - Orion Gate Cinemas  Brampton, ONE-Ticketing 
 Famous Players SilverCity - Brampton  Brampton, ONE-Ticketing 
 Galaxy Cinemas Brantford  Brantford, ONE-Ticketing 
 Galaxy Cinemas @ Brockville  Brockville, ONE-Ticketing 
 Famous Players SilverCity - Burlington  Burlington, ONE-Ticketing 
 Galaxy Cinemas @ Cambridge Centre  Cambridge, ONE-Ticketing 
 Galaxy Cinemas Chatham  Chatham, ON  
 Galaxy Cinemas Collingwood  Collingwood, ONE-Ticketing 
 Galaxy Cinemas Cornwall  Cornwall, ONE-Ticketing 
 Famous Players SilverCity - Newmarket  East Gwillimbury, ONE-Ticketing 
 Cineplex Odeon - Queensway  Etobicoke, ONE-Ticketing 
 Cineplex Entertainment SilverCity - Gloucester  Gloucester, ONE-Ticketing 
 Galaxy Cinemas @ Guelph  Guelph, ONE-Ticketing 
 Galaxy Cinemas Pergola Commons  Guelph, ONE-Ticketing 
 Cineplex Odeon - Gardiners Road Cinemas  Kingston, ONE-Ticketing 
 Cineplex Cinemas Kitchener & VIP  Kitchener, ONE-Ticketing 
 Cineplex Odeon Westmount and VIP Cinemas  London, ONE-Ticketing 
 Famous Players SilverCity - North London  London, ONE-Ticketing 
 Cineplex Cinemas Downtown Markham VIP & IMAX  Markham, ON  
 Galaxy Cinemas @ Midland  Midland, ONE-Ticketing 
 Galaxy Cinemas @ Milton  Milton, ONE-Ticketing 
 Cineplex Entertainment Coliseum - Mississauga  Mississauga, ONE-Ticketing 
 Cineplex Odeon - Niagara Square  Niagara Falls, ONE-Ticketing 
 Galaxy Cinemas - North Bay  North Bay, ONE-Ticketing 
 Cineplex Odeon - Winston Churchill Cinemas  Oakville, ONE-Ticketing 
 Famous Players SilverCity - Oakville  Oakville, ONE-Ticketing 
 Galaxy Cinemas - Orangeville  Orangeville, ONE-Ticketing 
 Galaxy Cinemas @ Orillia  Orillia, ONE-Ticketing 
 Cineplex Cinemas Lansdowne VIP  Ottawa, ON  
 Cineplex Odeon - South Keys  Ottawa, ONE-Ticketing 
 Coliseum Ottawa Cinemas  Ottawa, ONE-Ticketing 
 Galaxy Cinemas - Owen Sound  Owen Sound, ONE-Ticketing 
 Galaxy Cinemas @ Peterborough Square  Peterborough, ONE-Ticketing 
 Famous Players Pickering 8  Pickering, ONE-Ticketing 
 Famous Players SilverCity - Richmond Hill  Richmond Hill, ONE-Ticketing 
 Galaxy Cinemas Sarnia  Sarnia, ONE-Ticketing 
 Galaxy Cinemas @ Station Mall  Sault Ste. Marie, ONE-TicketingPhoto Gallery
 Cineplex Odeon - Eglinton Town Centre Cinemas  Scarborough, ONE-Ticketing 
 Cineplex Odeon - Morningside Cinemas  Scarborough, ONE-Ticketing 
 Coliseum Scarborough Cinemas  Scarborough, ONE-Ticketing 
 SilverCity Hamilton Mountain  Stoney Creek, ONE-Ticketing 
 SilverCity Sudbury Cinemas  Sudbury, ONE-Ticketing 
 Famous Players SilverCity - Thunder Bay  Thunder Bay, ONE-Ticketing 
 Cineplex Cinemas Empress Walk  Toronto, ONE-Ticketing 
 Cineplex Entertainment SilverCity - Yonge-Eglinton  Toronto, ONE-Ticketing 
 Cineplex Entertainment SilverCity - Yorkdale  Toronto, ONE-Ticketing 
 Cineplex Odeon - Varsity and VIP Cinemas  Toronto, ONE-Ticketing 
 Cineplex Odeon - Yonge & Dundas Cinemas  Toronto, ONE-Ticketing 
 Cineplex VIP Cinemas Don Mills  Toronto, ONE-Ticketing 
 Famous Players Canada Square  Toronto, ONE-Ticketing 
 Scotiabank Theatre Toronto  Toronto, ONE-Ticketing 
 SilverCity Fairview Mall  Toronto, ONE-Ticketing 
 Cineplex Entertainment Colossus Vaughan Cinemas  Vaughan, ONE-Ticketing 
 Galaxy Cinemas @ Waterloo  Waterloo, ONE-Ticketing 
 Cineplex Odeon - Seaway Mall  Welland, ONE-Ticketing 
 Cineplex Odeon - Devonshire Mall Cinemas  Windsor, ONE-Ticketing 
 Famous Players SilverCity - Windsor  Windsor, ONE-Ticketing 
 Cineplex Cinemas Charlottetown  Charlottetown, PEE-Ticketing 
 Cineplex Cinemas Summerside   Summerside, PEE-Ticketing 
 Cine-Parc Odeon Boucherville  Boucherville, QC  
 Cineplex Odeon - Boucherville  Boucherville, QC  
 Cineplex Odeon - Brossard  Brossard, QCE-Ticketing 
 Cineplex Odeon - Cavendish Mall  Cote St. Luc, QCE-Ticketing 
 Cineplex Odeon - Carrefour Dorion  Dorion, QCE-Ticketing 
 Starcité Gatineau Cinemas  Hull, QCE-Ticketing 
 Cineplex Entertainment Coliseum - Kirkland  Kirkland, QCE-Ticketing 
 Cineplex Odeon Place La Salle  La Salle, QCE-Ticketing 
 Cineplex Entertainment Colossus - Laval  Laval, QCE-Ticketing 
 Cinéma Banque Scotia Montréal  Montreal, QCE-Ticketing 
 Cineplex Odeon - Forum Cinemas  Montreal, QCE-Ticketing 
 Cineplex Odeon - Quartier Latin  Montreal, QCE-Ticketing 
 Famous Players StarCité Montréal  Montreal, QCE-Ticketing 
 Cinéma Cineplex IMAX aux Galeries de la Capitale  Quebec City, QCE-Ticketing 
 Cineplex Odeon - Beauport  Quebec City, QCE-Ticketing 
 Galaxy Cinemas @ Sherbrooke  Rock Forest, QCE-Ticketing 
 Cineplex Odeon - Saint-Bruno  Saint-Bruno, QCE-Ticketing 
 Cineplex Odeon - Ste-Foy  Sainte-Foy, QCE-Ticketing 
 Galaxy Cinémas @ St. Jean - CineCapitol  St. Jean, QCE-Ticketing 
 Galaxy Cinémas @ Trois Rivieres - Fleur De Lys  Trois-Rivieres, QC  
 Galaxy Cinemas @ La Grande Place des Bois-Francs  Victoriaville, QCE-Ticketing 
 Galaxy Cinemas @ Town 'N' Country  Moose Jaw, SKE-Ticketing 
 Galaxy Cinemas - South Hill Mall  Prince Albert, SKE-Ticketing 
 CO Southland Mall  Regina, SKE-Ticketing 
 Galaxy Cinemas Regina  Regina, SKE-Ticketing 
 CO Centre Cinemas  Saskatoon, SKE-Ticketing 
 Galaxy Cinemas @ Saskatoon  Saskatoon, SKE-Ticketing 
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