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Classic Movies Back on the Big Screen


MovieRelease YearMPAA RatingMedia 
Big Trouble in Little China 1986PG-13 
Duel 1971Not Rated 
Fight Club Academy Award® Nominee 1999RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Hackers 1995PG-13 
Hero Academy Award® Nominee 2004PG-13Trailers/Videos Available
Hook Academy Award® Nominee 1991PGTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Academy Award® Winner 1989PG-13Trailers/Videos Available
Mission: Impossible 1996PG-13Photos Available
Ninja Scroll 1996Not Rated 
Predator Academy Award® Nominee 1987RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Raiders of the Lost Ark Academy Award® Winner 1981PGTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Scarface 1983R 
Shaun of the Dead 2004RTrailers/Videos Available
Top Gun Academy Award® Winner 1986PG 
X-Men 2000PG-13 
Youth of the Beast 1963Not Rated 
Above the Law 1988RPhotos Available
The African Queen Academy Award® Winner 1951Not RatedPhotos Available
Akira 1988RPhotos Available
Army of Darkness 1993R 
The Barbarian and the Geisha 1958Not RatedPhotos Available
Batman Returns Academy Award® Nominee 1992PG-13Photos Available
The Big Trees 1952Not Rated 
Blade II 2002RTrailers/Videos Available
Bloodsport 1988R 
Commando 1985RPhotos Available
Dark Universe 1993R 
Darkman 1990R 
Die Hard 1988RPhotos Available
Flash Gordon 1980PG 
The Goonies 1985PGPhotos Available
Highlander 1986R 
Indiana Jones Trilogy 2003PG-13 
Invasion U.S.A. 1985R 
The Iron Giant 1999PGTrailers/Videos Available
Kelly's Heroes 1970PGPhotos Available
Kill Bill: Volume 1 2003RTrailers/Videos Available
The Lost World: Jurassic Park 1997PG-13Trailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Once Upon a Time in China II (Wong Fei Hung II: Nam yi dong ji keung) 1993R 
Plan 9 From Outer Space 1959Not RatedPhotos Available
Point Break 1991RPhotos Available
Rambo: First Blood Part II Academy Award® Nominee 1985RPhotos Available
Roar 1981PG 
The Rock Academy Award® Nominee 1996RPhotos Available
The Rocketeer 1991PG 
Swiss Family Robinson 1960GPhotos Available
The Tales of Hoffmann 1951Not Rated 
The Ten Commandments Academy Award® Winner 1956G 
Tremors 1990RPhotos Available
True Romance 1993RPhotos Available
The Warriors 1979R 
Born To Be Wild 1995PG 
The Jungle Book Academy Award® Nominee 1967PGPhotos Available
King Kong 1933Not Rated 
The NeverEnding Story 1984PG 
Stand By Me Academy Award® Nominee 1986R 
The Sugarland Express 1974PG 
Aladdin Academy Award® Winner 1992GPhotos Available
Alice (Neco Z Alenky) 1988Not Rated 
Cowboy Bebop 2003R 
Grave of the Fireflies (Hotaru no haka) 1988Not Rated 
How the Grinch Stole Christmas 1966Not RatedTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Howl's Moving Castle Academy Award® Nominee 2005PGTrailers/Videos Available
The Lord of the Rings 1978PGPhotos Available
101 Dalmatians 1961GPhotos Available
Sleeping Beauty Academy Award® Nominee 1959GPhotos Available
Space Jam 1996PG 
Spirited Away (Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi) Academy Award® Winner 2002PGTrailers/Videos Available
Vincent: The Life and Death of Vincent Van Gogh 1998Not Rated 
Knute Rockne All American 1940Not Rated 
War and Peace (1956) Academy Award® Nominee 1956Not Rated 
The Absent-Minded Professor Academy Award® Nominee 1961GPhotos Available
The Addams Family Academy Award® Nominee 1991PG-13Photos Available
Adventures in Babysitting 1987PG-13Photos Available
Airplane! 1980PGPhotos Available
Alice Adams Academy Award® Nominee 1935Not Rated 
Animal House 1978RPhotos Available
Annie Academy Award® Nominee 1982GPhotos Available
Annie Hall Academy Award® Winner 1977PGPhotos Available
Antoine and Antoinette (Antoine et Antoinette) 1948Not Rated 
The Bachelor and the Bobbysoxer Academy Award® Winner 1947Not RatedPhotos Available
Back to School 1986PG-13Photos Available
Back to the Future 1985PGPhotos Available
Back to the Future Part II 1989PGPhotos Available
Bananas 1971PG-13 
Beach Blanket Bingo 1965Not RatedPhotos Available
Beetlejuice Academy Award® Winner 1988PGPhotos Available
Best in Show 2000PG-13Trailers/Videos Available
Beverly Hills Cop Academy Award® Nominee 1984RPhotos Available
The Big Lebowski 1998RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Blazing Saddles Academy Award® Nominee 1974RPhotos Available
The Blues Brothers 1980RPhotos Available
Boogie Nights Academy Award® Nominee 1997RPhotos Available
Breakfast at Tiffany's Academy Award® Winner 1961Not Rated 
Breakin' 1984PG 
Breaking Away Academy Award® Winner 1979Not RatedPhotos Available
Bringing Up Baby 1938Not RatedPhotos Available
Cactus Flower 1969Not Rated 
Calamity Jane Academy Award® Winner 1953GPhotos Available
The Cameraman 1928Not Rated 
Casino Royale 1967Not Rated 
Chicken Run 2000GTrailers/Videos Available
A Christmas Story 1983PGTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Clue 1985PGPhotos Available
Clueless 1995PG-13Photos Available
Come Back to the Five and Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean 1982PG 
Cul-De-Sac 1966Not Rated 
Dazed & Confused 1993R 
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels 1988PGPhotos Available
Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb Academy Award® Nominee 1964PGPhotos Available
Elf 2003PGTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex * But Were Afraid to Ask 1972R 
Fast Times at Ridgemont High 1982RPhotos Available
Ferris Bueller's Day Off 1986PG-13Photos Available
Fletch 1985PG 
Flying Deuces 1939Not Rated 
For Your Height Only 1981Not Rated 
French Cancan 1956Not Rated 
Friday 1995RPhotos Available
Galaxy Quest 1999PG 
The Ghost and Mr. Chicken 1966Not Rated 
Ghostbusters Academy Award® Nominee 1984PGTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
The Girl Can't Help It 1956Not Rated 
Gold of Naples (L'Oro di Napoli) 1955Not Rated 
Good Burger 1997PG 
Grandma's Boy 1922Not Rated 
Gremlins 1984PGPhotos Available
Gremlins 2: The New Batch 1990PG-13Photos Available
Groundhog Day 1993PG 
Hairspray 1988PG 
Harold and Maude 1971PGPhotos Available
Hello, Dolly! Academy Award® Winner 1969Not RatedPhotos Available
His Girl Friday 1940Not RatedPhotos Available
Hocus Pocus 1993PG 
Home Alone Academy Award® Nominee 1990PGTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Home Alone: 25th Anniversary 1990PG 
Home for the Holidays 1995PG-13Photos Available
The In-Laws 1979PG 
The Jerk 1979R 
The Last American Virgin 1982R 
Legally Blonde 2001PG-13Trailers/Videos Available
Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events Academy Award® Winner 2004PGTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Little Shop of Horrors 1986PG-13 
Love Actually 2003RTrailers/Videos Available
Manhattan Academy Award® Nominee 1979RPhotos Available
Matilda 1996PGPhotos Available
Mean Girls 2004PG-13Trailers/Videos Available
Miracle on 34th Street Academy Award® Winner 1947Not Rated 
Modern Times 1936Not Rated 
Monty Python and the Holy Grail 1975PG 
Moonstruck Academy Award® Winner 1987PGPhotos Available
My Cousin Vinny Academy Award® Winner 1992RPhotos Available
Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie 1996PG-13 
National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation 1989PG-13Trailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
The Nightmare Before Christmas Academy Award® Nominee 1993PGPhotos Available
Nine to Five Academy Award® Nominee 1980PGPhotos Available
Ocean's Eleven 1960Not Rated 
Orange County 2002PG-13Trailers/Videos Available
Parenthood Academy Award® Nominee 1989PGPhotos Available
Pee-wee's Big Adventure 1985PG 
The Philadelphia Story Academy Award® Winner 1940Not Rated 
Pink Flamingos 1972NC-17 
The Pink Panther Academy Award® Nominee 1963Not Rated 
Planes, Trains & Automobiles 1987RPhotos Available
Police Academy 1984R 
Pretty Woman Academy Award® Nominee 1990RPhotos Available
The Princess Bride Academy Award® Nominee 1987PGPhotos Available
Private Buckaroo 1942Not Rated 
Raising Arizona 1987PG-13 
Real Genius 1985PGPhotos Available
Repo Man 1984R 
Risky Business 1983RPhotos Available
The Rocky Horror Picture Show 1975RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
The Royal Tenenbaums Academy Award® Nominee 2001RTrailers/Videos Available
The Sandlot 1993PG 
Serial Mom 1994R 
The Seven Year Itch 1955Not RatedPhotos Available
Shock Treatment 1981PG 
Sixteen Candles 1984PGTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Sleeper 1973PG 
Some Like it Hot Academy Award® Winner 1959Not RatedPhotos Available
Spaceballs 1987PGPhotos Available
Stage Door Academy Award® Nominee 1937Not Rated 
Stripes 1981RPhotos Available
Sullivan's Travels 1941Not Rated 
Three Amigos 1986PG 
Weird Science 1985PG-13Photos Available
Wet Hot American Summer 2001R 
Who Framed Roger Rabbit? 1988PG 
Yentl Academy Award® Winner 1983PGPhotos Available
Young Frankenstein Academy Award® Nominee 1974PGPhotos Available
The Big Sleep 1946Not RatedPhotos Available
Blue Velvet Academy Award® Nominee 1986RPhotos Available
L.A. Confidential Academy Award® Winner 1997RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
The Maltese Falcon Academy Award® Nominee 1941Not Rated 
On the Waterfront Academy Award® Winner 1954Not RatedPhotos Available
Reservoir Dogs 1992RPhotos Available
Scarface 1932Not Rated 
Strangers on a Train Academy Award® Nominee 1951PGPhotos Available
Adventures in Wild California 2000Not Rated 
The Atomic Cafe 1982Not Rated 
Brother Outsider: The Life of Bayard Rustin 2003Not Rated 
Buena Vista Social Club 1999G 
Bugs! 2003Not Rated 
The Decline of Western Civilization II: The Metal Years 1988Not Rated 
The Decline of Western Civilization Part III 2000Not Rated 
The Decline of Western Civilization 1981Not Rated 
End of the Century: The Story of the Ramones 2004Not Rated 
Everest 1998Not Rated 
Fighter Pilot: Operation Red Flag 2004G 
Forces of Nature 2004Not RatedTrailers/Videos Available
Gala 2003Not Rated 
Grand Canyon: The Hidden Secrets 1984Not Rated 
Le Joli Mai 1963Not Rated 
Journey Into Amazing Caves 2001Not Rated 
Lightning Over Water 1980Not Rated 
Monument to the Dream 1967Not Rated 
Notebook on Cities and Clothes (Aufzeichnungen zu Kleidern und Stadten) 1991Not Rated 
Ocean Oasis 2000Not Rated 
Ozarks: Legacy & Legend 1995Not Rated 
A Poem Is a Naked Person 1974Not Rated 
To Fly! 1976Not Rated 
Tokyo-Ga 2003Not Rated 
Volcanoes of the Deep Sea 2003Not Rated 
Winged Migration Academy Award® Nominee 2003GPhotos Available
Yellowstone 1994Not Rated 
Zion Canyon: Treasure of the Gods 1996Not Rated 
The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert Academy Award® Winner 1994RPhotos Available
An Affair to Remember Academy Award® Nominee 1957Not RatedPhotos Available
Affliction Academy Award® Winner 1999R 
A.I.: Artificial Intelligence Academy Award® Nominee 2001PG-13Trailers/Videos Available
Alamo: The Price of Freedom 1988Not RatedPhotos Available
Alice in the Cities 1974Not Rated 
Almost Famous Academy Award® Nominee 2000R 
Amadeus Academy Award® Winner 1984RPhotos Available
American Flyers 1985PG-13 
Anastasia Academy Award® Winner 1956Not RatedPhotos Available
Ararat 2002R 
Autumn Sonata 1978R 
Barry Lyndon Academy Award® Winner 1975PGPhotos Available
Battle Royale (Batoru rowaiaru) 2000Not Rated 
Being There Academy Award® Winner 1979PGPhotos Available
The Bells of St. Mary's Academy Award® Winner 1945Not RatedPhotos Available
The Bicycle Thief (Ladri di biciclette) Academy Award® Nominee 1949Not RatedPhotos Available
The Big Blue (Le Grand Bleu) 2000R 
Big Night 1996RPhotos Available
The Birth of a Nation 1915Not RatedPhotos Available
Blow Up Academy Award® Nominee 1966Not Rated 
Boomtown 2002Not Rated 
Boyz N the Hood 1991R 
The Breakfast Club 1985RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Butterfield 8 Academy Award® Winner 1960Not RatedPhotos Available
Cape Fear 1962Not RatedPhotos Available
Caravaggio 2002Not Rated 
Casablanca Academy Award® Winner 1942Not RatedPhotos Available
Casino Academy Award® Nominee 1995RPhotos Available
Casper 1995PG 
Catch Me if You Can Academy Award® Nominee 2002PG-13Trailers/Videos Available
Chinatown Academy Award® Winner 1974RPhotos Available
Citizen Kane Academy Award® Winner 1941PG 
The Color of Money Academy Award® Winner 1986RPhotos Available
The Color of Paradise (Rang-e khoda) 2000PG 
The Color Purple Academy Award® Nominee 1985PG-13Photos Available
The Day the Earth Stood Still 1951Not RatedPhotos Available
Daybreak (Le jour se leve) 1939Not Rated 
Dirty Dancing Academy Award® Winner 1987PG-13Photos Available
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Academy Award® Nominee 1941Not RatedPhotos Available
Dog Day Afternoon Academy Award® Winner 1975RPhotos Available
Double Indemnity Academy Award® Nominee 1944Not RatedPhotos Available
Double Suicide (Shinjū: Ten no amijima) 1969Not Rated 
Dreamchild 1985PG 
Early Summer 1951Not Rated 
East of Eden Academy Award® Winner 1955PGPhotos Available
Edward Scissorhands Academy Award® Nominee 1990PG-13Photos Available
The End of Violence 1997R 
Fargo Academy Award® Winner 1996RPhotos Available
Festival 2005Not Rated 
Flying Tigers (1942) 1942Not Rated 
Forbidden Games (Jeux interdits) Academy Award® Nominee 1952Not Rated 
Forrest Gump Academy Award® Winner 1994PG-13Trailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Fried Green Tomatoes Academy Award® Nominee 1991PG-13Photos Available
From Mayerling to Sarajevo 1940Not Rated 
Fury Academy Award® Nominee 1936Not Rated 
The Garbage Pail Kids Movie 1987PG 
Gentleman's Agreement Academy Award® Winner 1947Not RatedTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
The Glass Shield 1995PG-13 
The Goalie's Anxiety at the Penalty Kick 1971Not Rated 
The Godfather Academy Award® Winner 1972RPhotos Available
The Godfather: Part II Academy Award® Winner 1974RPhotos Available
The Gold Rush Academy Award® Nominee 1925Not Rated 
Goodfellas Academy Award® Winner 1990R 
The Grand Illusion Academy Award® Nominee 1937Not Rated 
The Greatest Love (Europa '51) 1954Not Rated 
Gun Crazy 1950Not Rated 
The Guns of Navarone Academy Award® Winner 1961PGPhotos Available
House of Bamboo 1955Not Rated 
Imitation of Life Academy Award® Nominee 1958Not RatedPhotos Available
In Harm's Way Academy Award® Nominee 1965Not RatedTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
It's a Wonderful Life Academy Award® Nominee 1946Not RatedTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Jesus Christ Superstar Academy Award® Nominee 1973GPhotos Available
The Jesus Film (Jesus) 1979G 
Joan of Arc Academy Award® Winner 1948Not Rated 
Journey to Italy (Viaggio in Italia) 1955Not Rated 
June Night 1940Not Rated 
Key Largo Academy Award® Winner 1948Not RatedPhotos Available
The Killers 1964Not Rated 
Kings of the Road (Im Lauf der Zeit) 1977Not Rated 
Kung Fu Master (Le petit amour) 1989Not Rated 
The Lady and the Duke (L'anglaise et le duc) 2002PG-13Trailers/Videos Available
Land of Plenty 2004Not Rated 
The Last Picture Show 1971R 
Late Spring (Banshun) 1949Not Rated 
The Letter Academy Award® Nominee 1940Not Rated 
Lewis and Clark: Great Journey West 2002Not Rated 
Lilith 1964Not Rated 
Little Women Academy Award® Nominee 1994PGPhotos Available
Losing Ground 2005Not Rated 
Lost in Translation Academy Award® Winner 2003RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Loulou 1980Not Rated 
Magnolia Academy Award® Nominee 1999RTrailers/Videos Available
Malcolm X Academy Award® Nominee 1992PG-13Photos Available
The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit 1956Not Rated 
The Manchurian Candidate Academy Award® Nominee 1962Not RatedPhotos Available
The Marquise of O (Die Marquise von O) 1976PG 
A Matter of Time 1976PG 
McLintock! 1963Not RatedPhotos Available
Mean Streets 1973RPhotos Available
Medea 1969Not Rated 
Menace II Society 1993R 
Mr. Skeffington Academy Award® Nominee 1944Not Rated 
Mommie Dearest 1981PG 
Moulin Rouge Academy Award® Winner 1952Not RatedPhotos Available
The Mouth Agape 1974Not Rated 
My Girl 1991PG-13Photos Available
My Left Foot Academy Award® Winner 1989Not RatedPhotos Available
My Neighbor Totoro 1988G 
Nashville 1975R 
National Velvet Academy Award® Winner 1944Not RatedPhotos Available
Now, Voyager Academy Award® Winner 1942Not Rated 
O Brother, Where Art Thou? 2000PG-13Trailers/Videos Available
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest Academy Award® Winner 1975RPhotos Available
Otello 1986Not Rated 
Out of Africa Academy Award® Winner 1985PGPhotos Available
The Outsiders 1983PGPhotos Available
Paris Does Strange Things (Elena et les hommes) 1957Not Rated 
Paris, Texas 1984Not Rated 
Pather Panchali 1958Not Rated 
Pink Floyd: The Wall 1982RPhotos Available
A Place in the Sun Academy Award® Winner 1951Not RatedPhotos Available
Planet of the Apes 2001PG-13Trailers/Videos Available
Poetic Justice 1993R 
Pulp Fiction Academy Award® Winner 1994RPhotos Available
Radio On 1980Not Rated 
Raging Bull Academy Award® Winner 1980RPhotos Available
A Raisin in the Sun 1961PG 
Rebel Without a Cause Academy Award® Nominee 1955PG-13Photos Available
Rebels of the Neon God 1992Not Rated 
The Red Shoes Academy Award® Winner 1948Not Rated 
Reefer Madness 1936Not Rated 
Regeneration 1915Not Rated 
Rockers 1980Not Rated 
The Room 2003RPhotos Available
The Sandpiper Academy Award® Winner 1965Not RatedPhotos Available
Saving Private Ryan Academy Award® Winner 1998RTrailers/Videos Available
The Sea Hawk Academy Award® Nominee 1940Not Rated 
Set It Off 1996R 
Shadow of a Doubt Academy Award® Nominee 1943PGPhotos Available
The Shawshank Redemption Academy Award® Nominee 1994RPhotos Available
Sherlock Holmes 1916Not Rated 
Showgirls 1995NC-17Photos Available
Smiles of a Summer Night 1955Not Rated 
The Soul of a Man 2003Not Rated 
The State of Things (Neustadt - Der Stand der Dinge) 1982Not Rated 
Steel Magnolias Academy Award® Nominee 1989PGPhotos Available
A Streetcar Named Desire Academy Award® Winner 1951PGPhotos Available
A Successful Man 1987Not Rated 
Sunrise Academy Award® Winner 1927Not Rated 
Sunset Boulevard Academy Award® Winner 1950Not Rated 
Taxi Driver Academy Award® Nominee 1976RPhotos Available
They Live 1988R 
T-Men Academy Award® Nominee 1947Not RatedPhotos Available
To Kill a Mockingbird Academy Award® Winner 1962Not Rated 
Tokyo Story (Tokyo monogatari) 1953Not Rated 
Tokyo Twilight 1957Not Rated 
The Treasure of the Sierra Madre Academy Award® Winner 1948Not RatedPhotos Available
A Trick of Light (Die Gebruder Skladanowsky) 1996Not Rated 
Triple Agent 2004Not Rated 
Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me 1992R 
Umberto D Academy Award® Nominee 1952Not Rated 
Unbreakable 2000PG-13Trailers/Videos Available
Under the Sun of Satan (Sous le soleil de Satan) 1987Not Rated 
The Unvanquished (Aparajito) 1956Not Rated 
What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? Academy Award® Winner 1962Not RatedPhotos Available
Where Eagles Dare 1969PGPhotos Available
Wild at Heart 1990Not Rated 
Wild River 1960Not Rated 
Wings of Desire (Der Himmel uber Berlin) 1987PG-13Photos Available
Within Our Gates 1920Not Rated 
A Woman's Face 1941Not Rated 
The World of Apu 1960Not Rated 
The Year of Living Dangerously Academy Award® Winner 1983PGPhotos Available
An American Tail Academy Award® Nominee 1986GPhotos Available
Babe Academy Award® Winner 1995GPhotos Available
The Black Cauldron 1985PG 
Cinderella Academy Award® Nominee 1950GPhotos Available
Dumbo Academy Award® Winner 1941GPhotos Available
The Emperor's New Groove 2000GTrailers/Videos Available
E.T. The Extra Terrestrial Academy Award® Winner 1982PGTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
The Great Muppet Caper Academy Award® Nominee 1981GPhotos Available
The Little Mermaid Academy Award® Winner 1989GPhotos Available
The Love Bug 1968Not RatedPhotos Available
Mulan Academy Award® Nominee 1998GPhotos Available
The Nutcracker 1993PG 
Old Yeller 1957G 
The Polar Express Academy Award® Nominee 2004GTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Pollyanna 1960Not Rated 
Race For Your Life Charlie Brown 1977Not Rated 
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (TV Special) 1964Not Rated 
Shrek Academy Award® Winner 2001PGTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
White Christmas Academy Award® Nominee 1954Not RatedTrailers/Videos Available
Labyrinth 1986PGPhotos Available
Legend Academy Award® Nominee 1986PGPhotos Available
Crime of Passion 1957Not Rated 
The Killing 1956Not Rated 
The Racket 1951Not Rated 
The Abominable Dr. Phibes 1971Not Rated 
Aliens Academy Award® Winner 1986RTrailers/Videos Available
An American Werewolf in London Academy Award® Winner 1981RPhotos Available
Angst 1983Not Rated 
Bram Stoker's Dracula Academy Award® Winner 1992RPhotos Available
Bride of Frankenstein Academy Award® Nominee 1935Not Rated 
Child's Play 1988R 
Don't Look Now 1973RPhotos Available
Dracula 1931Not RatedPhotos Available
Evil Dead II 1987R 
The Exorcist Academy Award® Winner 1973RPhotos Available
Friday the 13th 1980RPhotos Available
Halloween 1978RPhotos Available
House on Haunted Hill 1959Not RatedPhotos Available
The Innocents 1961Not Rated 
Invasion of the Body Snatchers 1978Not Rated 
Killer Klowns From Outer Space 1988PG-13 
Night of the Living Dead 1968RPhotos Available
A Nightmare on Elm Street 1984RPhotos Available
Nosferatu 1922Not RatedPhotos Available
Poltergeist Academy Award® Nominee 1982PGTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Rosemary's Baby Academy Award® Winner 1968RPhotos Available
The Shining 1980RPhotos Available
Slaughter High 1986R 
Spookies 1987R 
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 1974R 
The Thing 1982RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
A Hard Day's Night Academy Award® Nominee 1964Not RatedPhotos Available
The Apple 1980PG 
Cabaret Academy Award® Winner 1972PGPhotos Available
Funny Girl Academy Award® Winner 1968GPhotos Available
Holiday Inn Academy Award® Winner 1942Not RatedTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
The King and I Academy Award® Winner 1956G 
Love Me Tender 1956Not Rated 
My Fair Lady Academy Award® Winner 1964Not RatedPhotos Available
Oklahoma! Academy Award® Winner 1955G 
On the Town Academy Award® Winner 1949Not RatedPhotos Available
Singin' in the Rain 1952Not RatedPhotos Available
Sorcerer's Apprentice 1962Not Rated 
The Sound of Music Academy Award® Winner 1965GTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
True Stories 1986Not Rated 
West Side Story Academy Award® Winner 1961Not RatedPhotos Available
Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory Academy Award® Nominee 1971GPhotos Available
The Wizard of Oz Academy Award® Winner 1939GPhotos Available
Murder on the Orient Express Academy Award® Winner 1974Not RatedPhotos Available
Vertigo Academy Award® Nominee 1958Not RatedPhotos Available
Quote Alongs: Spaceballs 1987PG 
Sci-Fi Films 1999Not Rated 
The Apartment Academy Award® Winner 1960Not RatedPhotos Available
Gone with the Wind Academy Award® Winner 1939GPhotos Available
The Notebook 2004PG-13Trailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
An Officer and a Gentleman Academy Award® Winner 1982RPhotos Available
Punch-Drunk Love 2002RTrailers/Videos Available
Roman Holiday Academy Award® Winner 1953Not RatedPhotos Available
Say Anything 1989PG-13 
Working Girl Academy Award® Winner 1988RPhotos Available
Alien Academy Award® Winner 1979RTrailers/Videos Available
Blade Runner Academy Award® Nominee 1982RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Close Encounters of the Third Kind Academy Award® Winner 1977PGPhotos Available
The Fifth Element Academy Award® Nominee 1997PG-13Photos Available
I, Robot Academy Award® Nominee 2004PG-13Trailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
The Matrix Academy Award® Winner 1999RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Metropolis 1927Not Rated 
Terminator 2: Judgment Day Academy Award® Winner 1991RPhotos Available
2001: A Space Odyssey Academy Award® Winner 1968GPhotos Available
Alien: The Director's Cut 2003RPhotos Available
The American Astronaut 2001Not Rated 
Blade Runner: Director's Cut Academy Award® Nominee 1982RPhotos Available
Brazil 1985R 
Escape From New York 1981RPhotos Available
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets 2002PGTrailers/Videos Available
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Academy Award® Nominee 2004PGTrailers/Videos Available
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Academy Award® Nominee 2001PGTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Invasion of the Body Snatchers 1956PG 
Jurassic Park Academy Award® Winner 1993PG-13Trailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
The Man Who Fell to Earth 1976R 
A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge 1985RPhotos Available
Robocop Academy Award® Nominee 1987RPhotos Available
Solaris (Solyaris) 1972Not Rated 
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1990PGPhotos Available
Timecop 1994RPhotos Available
Zardoz 1974R 
The American Friend (Der amerikanische Freund) 1977Not Rated 
Cape Fear Academy Award® Nominee 1991RTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Charade Academy Award® Nominee 1963GPhotos Available
Criss Cross 1949Not Rated 
Dead Ringer 1964Not Rated 
Dementia 1955Not Rated 
Elizabeth Academy Award® Nominee 1998R 
From Hell 2001RTrailers/Videos Available
Halloween: H20 1998RPhotos Available
Heat 1995RPhotos Available
Jackie Brown Academy Award® Nominee 1997RPhotos Available
The Legend of Boggy Creek 1972G 
M 1931Not RatedPhotos Available
Marnie 1964Not Rated 
Midnight Lace Academy Award® Nominee 1960Not RatedPhotos Available
Rear Window Academy Award® Nominee 1954PGPhotos Available
Repulsion 1965Not Rated 
Scream 1996RPhotos Available
Spellbound Academy Award® Winner 1945Not RatedPhotos Available
The Third Man Academy Award® Winner 1950Not RatedTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Touch of Evil 1958PG-13Photos Available
The Usual Suspects Academy Award® Winner 1995RPhotos Available
The Birds Academy Award® Nominee 1963Not RatedPhotos Available
Dial M for Murder 1954Not RatedPhotos Available
Gaslight Academy Award® Winner 1944Not RatedPhotos Available
Jaws Academy Award® Winner 1975PGTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
The Lost Boys 1987RPhotos Available
The Man Who Knew Too Much Academy Award® Winner 1956Not RatedPhotos Available
North by Northwest Academy Award® Nominee 1959Not RatedTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Notorious Academy Award® Nominee 1946Not RatedPhotos Available
Psycho Academy Award® Nominee 1960Not RatedPhotos Available
The Silence of the Lambs Academy Award® Winner 1991RPhotos Available
Flying Leathernecks 1951Not RatedPhotos Available
The Lost Squadron 1932Not Rated 
The Cowboys 1972PGPhotos Available
Fort Apache 1948Not RatedPhotos Available
How the West Was Won Academy Award® Winner 1963Not RatedPhotos Available
The Iron Horse 1924Not RatedPhotos Available
The Magnificent Seven Academy Award® Nominee 1960Not RatedTrailers/Videos AvailablePhotos Available
Red River Academy Award® Nominee 1948Not RatedPhotos Available
Rooster Cogburn 1975PG 
The Searchers 1956Not RatedPhotos Available
She Wore a Yellow Ribbon Academy Award® Winner 1949Not RatedPhotos Available
True Grit Academy Award® Winner 1969Not RatedPhotos Available
The Vanishing American 1925Not Rated 
Bon Voyage Charlie Brown 1980G 
Nancy Drew - Reporter (1939) 1939Not Rated 
Ride the Pink Horse 1947Not Rated 
The Straw Man (1958) 1958Not Rated 
556 Movies Found

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